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Green Planet Bud Booster

Product Code: HYV-0447
Green Planet Bud Booster is a specialty bloom additive designed for the flowering stage. Its high levels of phosphorus and potassium promote blooming and assist with plant metabolism.

Green Planet Bud Booster

Natural, nutrient-rich PK additive to boost plant growth

Bud Booster is a high-quality, high-concentration PK additive used to aid flower growth and increase plant metabolism. The phosphorus in this fertiliser makes it easier for plants to take in nutrients, resulting in greater size and quality of flowers.


The high PK ratio (50-34) means Bud Booster offers a high concentration of nutrients - so, little is needed. When stored in a cool and dry place, it has a shelf life of 2-3 years. For these reasons, as well as its ease of use, Bud Booster is a great introductory fertiliser for beginner gardeners.

High-quality end result

Potassium is a primary nutrient required for plant growth and is responsible for many different aspects of overall garden health. It plays a large part in photosynthesis, and also promotes the activation of plant enzymes. Plants that are low in potassium may show brown or yellowing veins and spots. Bud Booster eradicates these health risks and ensures plants stay at their full potential.

Where to use Green Planet Bud Booster?

This fertiliser can be used for growing indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile choice for gardeners all year round.

How to use Green Planet Bud Booster?

Bud Booster is a dry fertiliser. To use, add 1 teaspoon (approximately 6g) per 20 litres of water. Use from when flowers start to form until the final week of the flowering stage. It should be used alongside regular fertilising methods, but it is recommended that other PK additives are not used in conjunction with Bud Booster as it may cause overfeeding.

Why choose Green Planet Bud Booster?

This fertiliser's rates of phosphorus and potassium (NPK: 0-50-34) are higher than many standard PK additives, giving plants a boost while still being within ideal and healthy range.

Bud Booster offers:

  • PK boost for maximum plant growth;

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use;

  • Contains no dyes or damaging ingredients;

  • Cost-effective;

  • Dry formula is easy to use and store. 

Phosphorus aids nutrient movement within the plant. It also controls the transfer of genetic characteristics from one plant generation to the next. Plants with healthy levels of phosphorus will be long-lasting and maximise the prospects for future yields.

When used regularly, PK additives such as Bud Booster increase resistance to harsh weather conditions and disease. Plants will be stronger in appearance and texture, and produce larger fruits and flowers.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Green Planet

NPK ratios: 0-50-34

Shelf life: 2-3 years

Product Data

  • Brand: Green Planet