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Guanokalong Powder

Product Code: HYV-0439
Guanokalong powder produces bigger yields, stronger roots, and an intense flavour. It’s 100% organic and is ethically sourced from bat dung.

Guanokalong Powder

Guanokalong is bursting with phosphorus and also has a rich mix of microelements, macroelements and enzymes that speed up the growth of your plants. The high levels of phosphorous encourage the growth of robust roots, large fruit, and flowers as well as supporting a better taste to your final product. This natural soil enhancer allows for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features

Packed with phosphorus (NPK 1-10-1)

Increases fruit and flower formation

Intensifies flavour

Fuel’s rooting

Speeds up the growth

Stimulates microbial life in growing media

Boost’s bacteria resistance

Ethically sourced (no bat habitats are harmed)

From the dung of Indonesian & Madagascan bats

100% organic soil & coco enhancer

Product Data

  • Brand: Guanokalong