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House and Garden Top Booster

Product Code: HYV-0426
Top Booster is an exceptional PK flowering stimulator, designed to accelerate blooming quantity and size at the end of the plant cycle. 

House & Garden Top Booster

Top Booster is an exceptional PK flowering stimulator, designed to accelerate blooming quantity and size at the end of the plant cycle. 

Enhances flowering quantity and quality 

Top Booster provides additional PK to plants, stimulating flowering earlier than a plant’s natural life cycle. 

PK refers to phosphorus and potassium, two of the three essential nutrients plants need to survive. 

Phosphorus (P) promotes blooming, helping to create larger and more vibrant fruits and flowers. It’s also responsible for root growth and seed formation - helping plants for generations to come. Potassium (K) contributes to overall plant health and strength. It helps to create a structure that supports large yields and is more resistant to pests. 

It works to increase quantity and quality: not only will growers see more fruits and flowers, but they’ll each be larger and healthier. With faster results and longer to flourish, Top Booster produces some top-quality blooms. 

Stimulates end-of-life blooming

Top Booster works by falsely telling plants that its last stage of life has started. They get the impression that it’s time to hurry up!

The plant produces extra fruit and flowers so that it can reproduce as quickly as possible. 

Plants also use their supply of reserve nutrients, previously stored away for an emergency. Thanks to this sudden uptake, growers will see an increase in plant growth and all-round nutritional benefit. 

Contains iron to support leaves 

As well as PK for explosive flowering, Top Booster contains iron to support leaves. This mineral is vital for a range of plant functions, from enzyme activity to metabolism. It’s also an important component of photosynthesis and chlorophyll production, making leaves appear brighter, greener, and more vibrant. 

How to use House & Garden Top Booster?

Begin using House & Garden Top Booster four weeks before the end of the growing season. 

First add base nutrients, mix well, and check EC. Then add approximately 1.5ml of Top Booster per litre of water (5.7ml per gallon). Stir thoroughly and check the pH value; the ideal range for most plants is between 5.5 and 6.5. 

Use only for 3-4 days. 

What to use with House & Garden Top Booster?

The House & Garden range of additives is designed to perfectly complement their base nutrients. It’s suited for use with House & Garden MultiZyme towards the end of flowering. 

Try using Top Booster alongside House & Garden Coco A&B for unbeatable flowering in coco. 

Do not use Top Booster in combination with House & Garden Top Shooter or House & Garden Shooting Powder. 

Why choose House & Garden Top Booster?

  • PK flowering stimulator;
  • Contains phosphorus and potassium for explosive growth;
  • Increases flowering quantity and size;
  • Stimulates end-of-life flowering and nutrient uptake;
  • Includes iron for dark green, healthy leaves;
  • Highly concentrated;
  • Uses classic 13/14 PK ratio;
  • Suitable for use with House & Garden base nutrients;
  • Do not use with House & Garden Top Shooter or Shooting Powder;
  • Only needs 3-4 days of use. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: House & Garden
  • NPK: 0 - 13 - 14

Product Data

  • Brand: House and Garden