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Indica Nutrients Afghan Nectar

Product Code: HYV-0413
Induce your flowering plants to hugely increase the yield of resin production in your fruits by the addition of three key inputs. Including high quality sugars, potassium and phosphorus and triacontanol.

Afghan Nectar

Indica’s Afghan Nectar provides all three of these inputs in a Highly focussed, balanced, and high-quality form.   

High-quality sugars, act as ‘metabolic shortcuts’ substituting the need for photosynthesis to deliver the building blocks for further metabolite production. This is critical throughout blooming when you want no obstruction to bioactive production. 

Potassium and phosphorus nutrition are the key foundations that are needed in high levels in blooming plants to produce the enzymes required for terpene production.  

Triacontanol is a natural fatty alcohol biostimulant removed from beeswax which has been repeatedly proved to increase photosynthesis and yield in plants. At Indica we solubilize triacontanol without the solvents found in other products (ethnol, tween, petroleum, etc) that are toxic to your plants.  

Key Features 

  • Increase your yield 
  • Formulated for crops growing hydroponics 
  • For best results. Use in a combination with Messiah for hydro/soils crops or Indica Temple Coco when cultivating in coco/coir

Product Data

  • Brand: Indica