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Indica Nutrients Himilayan Hardner

Product Code: HYV-0415
The Indica Himalayan Hardener is widely known for providing superior nutrients.

Himalayan Hardener 

It is widely known that plants need elevated levels of potassium and phosphorus during flowering to optimize yield and biochemical profiles. It is important because phosphorus is easily locked out and becomes unavailable in a matter of hours/days when applied to any system due to precipitation onto the growing media or with other elements. The Himalayan Hardener releases phosphorus over a period of days to ensure there is always an active available form of phosphorus for plants to access.


Key Features

  • Fruit formation booster 
  • Releases nutrients over a period of days 
  • For best results, use in a combination with Messiah for hydro/ soil crops, or Indica temple coco when cultivating in coco/coir

Product Data

  • Brand: Indica