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Indica Nutrients Kashmir Roots

Product Code: HYV-0417
Kashmir Roots offers good bacteria to feed and protect your crop. The most effective nutrient on the market.

Kashmir Roots

Indica Nutrients is best known for its beneficial functions which improve both yield and quality. The bacteria that are released in the Kashmir Roots promote organic acids and chelating agents – by doing so this liberates the nutrients that would otherwise be inaccessible to the plant. By using Kashmir Roots, it allows the plant to before more resilient when exposed to environmental stress including heat, cold, drought, overwatering, etc.


Key Features

  • Contains beneficial microbes.
  • Makes plants more resilient 
  • Helps plants to resist pathogens and pests. 
  • Solubilising nutrients
  • Stress protection 
  • Modulating hormone levels


Product Data

  • Brand: Indica