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Indica Nutrients Temple A

Product Code: HYV-0422
TEMPLE RISE A is a two-part base nutrient package designed specifically for plants growing in Coco. Plants growing in Coco require an altered ratio of nutrients to those growing in soil or a rockwool-based hydroponic system.

Temple A

The Indica Temple A has high levels of calcium providing the plants with the vital micronutrients they need. This drives out phytotoxic sodium from the coir that can continue a problem even in high-quality Coco that has been thoroughly washed and buffered. The nitrogen in TEMPLE RISE A is in the form of nitrates. This is a readily accessible form of nitrogen, and additionally overcomes many of the issues of salinity that can occur when growing.


Key Features 

  • Provides plants with essential macronutrients
  • Drives out phytotoxic
  • Ensures Ca: Mg ratio is in balance 
  • Two-part base nutrient   

Product Data

  • Brand: Indica