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IONIC Coco Bloom

Product Code: HYV-0508
Bring flowers to life with IONIC Coco Bloom. This fully inclusive mix in a single bottle is a breakthrough in coco growing.

IONIC Coco Bloom

1-part nutrient blend

Beginners and experts alike will be grateful for this 1-part nutrient.  Traditionally, two or more separate solutions are needed to prevent harmful reactions between undiluted substances. IONIC Coco Bloom is formulated to bring the same results in one bottle!

Though Coco Bloom is simple to use, its effects are far from it. Growers will see larger, brighter flowers and greater yield quantities during the bloom stage. 

pH stable 

IONIC Coco Bloom has a stabilised pH, making it gentle on plants and their surrounding substrate. This prevents the effects of pH fluctuation (such as brown spots) and gives greater control over any other additives you may wish to use. 

Pair with IONIC PK Boost for an extra supply of phosphorus and potassium and even stronger, larger results. 

Benefits of humic acids 

IONIC Coco Bloom is packed with humic and fulvic acids. These chelate (bond) to nutrient compounds in the soil, turning them into a form that plants can absorb more easily. 

You’ll notice an increase in iron intake, resulting in greater oxygenation and a greener appearance. Increased nitrogen uptake allows for photosynthesis to run smoothly. 

Humic acids also aid in the water holding capacity of soil, meaning plants are less susceptible to drying out. 

How to use IONIC Coco Bloom?

It couldn’t be easier! Just shake the bottle and dilute in a 7:1000 ratio (7ml per 1L of water). Water plants growing in coco coir throughout the flowering stage.  

Why choose IONIC Coco Bloom?

  • Easy-to-use 1-part nutrient blend;

  • pH stable;

  • Boost with the IONIC PK Booster additive;

  • Designed to increase fruit and flower size;

  • Contains all vital nutrients;

  • Formulated for the fruiting and flowering stage. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IONIC

Product Data

  • Brand: Growth Technology