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IONIC Hydro Grow

Product Code: HYV-0511
Make things simple. This 1-part bottle is the partner to Hydro Bloom and is designed for use during the vegetative stage.

IONIC Hydro Grow

Make things simple. This 1-part bottle is the partner to Hydro Bloom and is designed for use during the vegetative stage. Producing lush, resilient plants couldn’t be easier; the solution is made from pure mineral salts and has a highly stable pH to keep hydro conditions at their best. 

Single part solution

Usually, liquid nutrients come in two or even three parts to prevent chemical reactions from occurring. IONIC takes the lead with its Grow and Bloom ranges - each needs only one bottle to deliver all the essential nutrients a plant needs.

Hydro Grow is precisely formulated to help young plants thrive and accelerate vegetative growth in one easy application. 

Gentle formula, powerful effects 

Like the rest of the Grow range, Hydro Grow contains 14 essential macro- and micronutrients which support vigorous yet sustainable growth throughout the vegetative period. 

Chelated mineral salts offer a natural alternative to harsh chemicals. They allow for easy absorption, meaning plants will make better use of their feeds while exerting less energy. This results in enhanced plant metabolism and a stronger, greener structure - and that’s without the additional nutrients. 

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK ratio 5-2-6) work to create an essential base, strengthening the root network, increasing water uptake, and keeping plant functions at their peak. 

How to use IONIC Hydro Grow?

IONIC Hydro Grow only needs one bottle for phenomenal results. 

Shake well before use. Add 7ml of Hydro Grow per litre of water to a pre-filled hydroponic tank. Use throughout the vegetative growth stage and into the first week of flowering. 

This nutrient is suitable for all hydroponic systems, including NFT, Flood & Drain, and passive hydroponics using inert media (such as perlite). 

IONIC nutrients are specially formulated to maintain a stable pH. However, we recommend that growers check EC levels regularly. Levels should be around 2.0 for most grow media, including clay pebbles, and 1.5 for Rockwool. 

Why choose IONIC Hydro Grow?

  • 1-part hydroponic nutrient blend;

  • Stabilised pH for limited plant stress;

  • Provides base nutrients for superior plant structure, strength, and function;

  • Use throughout the vegetative stage;

  • Best for use in soft water areas;

  • 1 litre makes 142 litres of nutrient solution. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IONIC

  • NPK Ratio: 5-2-6

Product Data

  • Brand: Growth Technology