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Nutrients & Additives

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The continuous growth and optimal health of all your plants are the main priorities of every hydroponics hobbyist or indoor gardener. In taking care of your greens, it is essential to have adequate sunlight, water supply, and the right nutrients and additives. Eden Horticulture provides you with a wide range of these nutrient basics that cover every phase of your plants life cycle.

All-in-One Fertilizers

Keeping your plants at their best state is easy if you have the best partners. Eden Horticulture has a variety of all-in-one fertilizers, which are perfect for indoor gardeners, who are unsure of what to supplement their plants with.

Highly-Specific Fertilizers

If your plants are in need of specific nutrients, Eden Horticulture has a lot of products that can cater their needs. Calcium and Magnesium agents are available like the Advanced Nutrients Cal-Mag Xtra and the Aptus CaMG-Boost.

Plants in a coco mix can benefit from the supplements that are meant to complement their environment. Hesi Coco and Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco are the partners you need in growing these greens.

Take it to the Roots

Planting new babies is something plant parents enjoy occasionally. What makes this hobby more enjoyable is having these newly potted plants grow strong. One of the rooting agents available at Eden Horticulture is the Clonex Mist that maximizes the growth of cuttings and seedlings.

Bloom Beautifully

Having the buds of your plants bloom strongly and beautifully can be a struggle. There are a lot of factors that can delay the growth of your flowers and even halt its growth. This could be a lack of the main nutrients that will highly complement their growth.

Eden Horticulture offers highly specialized products that ensure the growth of these buds.

These products have high potassium and phosphorus content. These are the main nutrients that they need and having them in time during the bloom phase is the best thing a plant parent can ask for.

One of the in demand products is the Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor as it promotes eye-popping blooms and maximizes the flowering..

Eden Horticulture hydroponics wholesale also offers other blooming agents that can enhance the buds for stronger and healthier flowers.:

Plagron Terra Bloom

Foxfarm Beastie Bloomz

Flairform Bud Storm

Foxfarm Big Bloom

Grotek Blossom Blaster

Grotek Master Bloom

Foxfarm Tiger Bloom

Hesi Bloom Complex

Atami Bcuzz Bloom Stimulator

Biobizz Bio Bloom

Canna Terra Flores

Sugar Rush

Hydroponics Distribution: Organic Options

Indoor growers that are particular with organic fertilizers have a lot of options in Eden Horticulture.

C-Result is an organic flower booster that enhances fertilizer consumption. Its components are combined for easier and proper root absorption.

Alaska Fish Fertilizer is also available, if you are into organic gardening. It is best for fruits, vegetable gardens, roses, trees, shrubs, and other container plants.

If you are into single-use of these products, sachets and small to medium sizes are available. Bulk and larger sizes are economical and are perfect for those who own nurseries or those breeding certain plants.

Eden Horticulture has special offers for those who have active accounts. We also offer next day shipping and a swift transaction. Trust only Eden Horticulture for the right nutrients and additives for soil potted plants, greens under hydroponics nutrient systems, and plants in coco mix. Ensure proper growth of your greens with these supplements from us.

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