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Advanced Nutrients Piranha

Product Code: HYV-0141
Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a blend of beneficial fungi that work in the root-zone to improve the availability of nutrients and help to protect against root-diseases.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha

Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a concentrated blend of beneficial fungi for use from rooted cutting through to the second week of flowering. Beneficial fungi create a web of mycelium which works with the roots of your plant to provide greater nutrient availability and to help to protect against root-diseases.


  • Manufactured to the highest possible standards by Advanced Nutrients.
  • Contains Mycorrhizal and Trichoderma fungi which work hand-in-hand with the roots of plants.
  • Creates a web of root-enhancing fungal mycelium.
  • Strengthens plant's immunity to root-disease.
  • Significantly increases root-branching and root-mass leading to bigger yields. 

Product Data

  • Brand: Advanced Nutrients