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Advanced Nutrients Revive

Product Code: HYV-0121
Think of Revive as a First Aid kit for plants! It rejuvenates struggling gardens and increases plants' chances of survival.

Advanced Nutrients Revive

Think of Revive as a First Aid kit for plants! It rejuvenates struggling gardens and increases plants’ chances of survival. 

Emergency plant recovery

This carefully-developed formula is the product of extensive research over at Advanced Nutrients. It helps plants in their time of need, saving them in emergency conditions. 

Revive can help slow down and lessen the effects of overwatering, transplant shock, and pest infestation - all conditions that could be fatal to a plant if left untreated. 

Packed with essential nutrients

This healing formula is packed with the vitamins and minerals plants need to recover from poor health. Revive contains crucial nutrients like nitrogen, an essential component of photosynthesis. Nitrogen is found in chlorophyll, the substance which allows photosynthesis, and gives leaves their vibrant green colour. 

Thanks to this, Revive will help reduce yellowing and ensure plants can create the food they need. 

It also contains a variety of micronutrients and trace elements - a little goes a long way here! Together, these small quantities of zinc, calcium, and highly-chelated iron keep essential functions running smoothly. 

Zinc plays a part in converting starch into sugars and helps plants to withstand cold temperatures. Calcium contributes to strong, resilient cell wall structure. 

Chelated elements (like the iron in Revive) can be broken down and absorbed far more easily, contributing to a boost in nutrient uptake

Reaches from root to fruit 

The nutrients in Revive travel directly into plants’ cells for the most effective treatment. They:

  • Race into the roots, pumping them full of healing nutrition;
  • Reach up into stems and leaves;
  • Encourage new fruits and flowers to bloom, larger than ever. 

How to use Advanced Nutrients Revive?

Revive is an easy-to-use formula that works in all types of gardens and growing media. 

Never mix nutrients in their concentrated form; always dilute and stir thoroughly before adding another. 

Revive may be used in the following ways:  

  • To treat stressed plants: Dilute at a rate of 5ml/L;
  • To prevent against stress: Dilute at a rate of 1ml/L (suitable from rooted cutting onwards);
  • As a foliar spray: Dilute at a rate of 3ml/L and thoroughly spray all leaves. 

Why choose Advanced Nutrients Revive?

Revive recovers plants from a variety of stressful situations. Underwatering, overwatering, disease, wilting, and infestation…all (and more) are no match for this powerful nutrient booster. 

  • “First Aid” emergency nutrient solution for stressed plants;
  • Recovers the effects of wilting, dehydration, overfeeding, disease, and more;
  • Contains nitrogen for optimal photosynthesis;
  • Supplies chelated nutrients for easy uptake;
  • Provides trace elements zinc and magnesium;
  • Promotes cell elongation and resilient cell wall structure;
  • Use as a nutrient additive or a foliar spray;
  • Ideal for use with Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Advanced Nutrients
  • NPK: 1.5 - 0 - 0

Product Data

  • Brand: Advanced Nutrients