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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

Product Code: HYV-0168
One plant's trash is another plant's treasure! This efficient enzyme formula is a 2-in-1: it clears root zone waste and turns it into nutrition. 

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

One plant’s trash is another plant’s treasure! This efficient enzyme formula is a 2-in-1: it clears root zone waste and turns it into nutrition. 

Clears dead root matter

As roots regenerate and grow, dead matter begins to build up in the soil. This can block the rhizosphere and prevent it from growing as complex and healthy as it should. 

The beneficial enzymes in Sensizym clear away this dead root matter for an airy substrate free of obstructions. Roots can form a thriving network with nothing to stop them! 

Turns waste into nutrition 

Although it’s a waste product, this dead root matter is full of nutrients. They’re “locked out” and unavailable for a plant to use.

As the enzymes clear away the root matter, they “unlock” the nutrients, transforming them into smaller components that are easier for plants to absorb. 

The enzymes take a small amount of these nutrients for themselves - and the rest goes straight to the roots. Thanks to their increased nutrient uptake, plants will become healthier, stronger, and have more energy to grow. 

Increases disease resistance 

Other types of enzymes in Sensizym protect plants against disease. They fight off pathogens in exchange for a tiny amount of nutrients. 

This results in healthier plants that can spend their energy growing rather than fighting off disease!

How to use Advanced Nutrients Sensizym?

Sensizym can be used right through the plant cycle and is suitable for any substrate or growing method. Soil, coco, and hydroponic systems will all benefit from a stronger root system, increased immunity, and beneficial enzymes. 

Sensizym is an additive, so make sure to add base nutrients first. Mix thoroughly and check the EC before adding other nutrients. Never mix concentrated nutrients - always dilute them separately and stir thoroughly before adding another. 

Dilute Sensizym at a rate of 2ml/L and add to the nutrient solution. 

Stir thoroughly and check the pH before watering plants. The ideal range is approximately 5.5 - 6.5

Why choose Advanced Nutrients Sensizym?

  • Root zone enzyme treatment;
  • Clears dead root matter and waste products;
  • Unlocks unavailable nutrients;
  • Increases water and nutrient uptake;
  • Creates room for roots to grow; 
  • Strengthens plants’ immunity to diseases;
  • Ideal for use with Advanced Nutrients base nutrients. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Advanced Nutrients

Product Data

  • Brand: Advanced Nutrients