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Aptus Fulvic Blast

Product Code: HYV-0219
Aptus Fulvic-Blast is a complete microelement booster used to detoxify plants and combat microelement deficiencies.

Aptus Fulvic-Blast

Aptus Fulvic-Blast is directly absorbed into the plant and improves the absorption of existing microelements. The mixture of low molecular Fulvic acid, plant stimulants and microelements enhances the crop and its production.

Why use Aptus Fulvic-Blast?

  • Stops microelement deficiencies
  • Prevent nutritional imbalances
  • Breaks down nutrient salts and helps remove heavy metals
  • Fully organic microelement booster
  • Very high chelating capacity

Product Data

  • Brand: Aptus