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Bio Green Starter Kit

Product Code: HYK-0002
The Bio Green Starter Pack contains the seven essential fertilisers to fertilise a garden. The pack comes with 10 units of 250 ml.

Bio Green Starter Pack

Bio 1 Grow

In a developing crop, nitrogen and phosphorus are very important during the first vegetative stage. The phosphate shortage has a negative effect on root development, resistance and yield of the crop. A crop in nutrient-deficient soil, or in which the soil (substrate) requires the proper nutrients for the roots needs an earlier use of Bio 1.

Bio 2 Bloom

Potassium is necessary for the last stage of development of the crop. During reproduction of the growth phase, Bio 2 provides the essential potassium elements and at the same time retains the remaining elements in optimum concentrations.


Biozym is a high-quality biotechnology product consisting of 24 major enzyme complexes. Also added are coenzymes which allow the enzymatic activity to function more efficiently. In addition, this product has been enriched with several vitamins and minerals that have an important role in the transport of the nutrients released and reinforce the cell walls.

X Bloom

X Bloom can be used in addition to other types of fertilizers. X Bloom contains all the vitamins and minerals the plant needs; Therefore, it is a universal stimulator suitable for all types of plants since no basic nutrients have been added.

X Rooting

X-Rooting is ideal for rapid absorption by plant cells. This nutrient retains the balance of plant metabolism and increases the absorption of mineral nutrients by improving the flow of plant juices. The plant cells absorb X-Rooting very quickly (through the biochemical system of X-Rooting, the oligopeptides), without consuming energy and, therefore, independently of photosynthesis.

PK 13-14

P) Phosphorus K) Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, Copper and Iron


Calgel can also be used as a foliar fertiliser. Use a 1:1000 solution in the first stage of growth and 1: 5000 in the final stage, as well as during flowering. This solution can be sprayed directly onto the blades.

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