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Cyco Grow

Product Code: HYV-0181
Cyco Platinum Series Grow A and B are premium pharmaceutical grade nutrients.

Cyco Platinum Series Grow A and B

Cyco Grow A

Cyco Grow A base nutrient contains nitrates that are vital for chlorophyll formation, leaf growth and nucleic acid production. Grow A also contains a great source of readily available calcium crucial for the formation of strong stalks, stems and leaf cell walls.

Cyco Grow B

Cyco Grow B contains a complementary combination of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium essential for plant development and when used in conjunction with Cyco Grow A, provides a premium quality nutrient base for your garden ensuring consistent, healthy and prosperous crops.

  • Two-part base nutrient system
  • Complete formula of micro-nutrients
  • Formulated for superior mineral uptake
  • Derived from 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients

Product Data

  • Brand: Cyco