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Cyco Silica

Product Code: HYV-0183
Cyco Silica additive is a great choice for growers as the benefits include greater tolerance to environmental stresses and improved growth rate.

Cyco Silica

Cyco Silica is made using Potassium Silicate. Potassium Silicate can help toughen cell walls, allowing plants to survive and grow despite harsh conditions. increases the amount of chlorophyll in leaves, allowing plants to tolerate both higher- and lower-than-optimum light levels by making better use of that which is available. 

Cyco Silica also helps plants produce enzymes that give plants a higher capacity to make use of available CO2. 


  • Helps to uptake available light.
  • Growing in hydroponic mediums, silica is essential.

Product Data

  • Brand: Cyco