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Growth Technology Formulex

Product Code: HYV-0161
Ionic Formulex is the perfect choice for beginners as it is a cost-effective and straightforward nutrient. Suitable for professionals for feeding seedlings, transplants and clones.

Ionic Formulex

Ionic Formulex is a high-quality general purpose nutrient solution for soil and for hydroponic applications. Formulex was originally developed for use in home hydroponic systems and for soilless growing media. It is now used all over the world and for many different applications. It is the solution that growers keep on hand because it can be used for any situation.

High-quality nutrient

A nutrient specifically designed for cuttings and seedlings but works for fully grown plants too.

No pH adjustment

Formulex has a buffered pH and usually requires no pH adjustment. It is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is an ideal nutrient for soil-grown plants and perhaps the ultimate fertiliser for all house plants.


  • Full-spectrum nutrient solution manufactured from pure mineral salts
  • Full pH stabilisation built-in
  • Just mix with water and supply to the plant
  • Use it for virtually any plant in any situation


Product Data

  • Brand: Growth Technology