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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

Product Code: HYV-0163
Growth Technology Liquid Silicon is a highly beneficial plant nutrient. It has a proven role in cell wall formation, offering mechanical strength to the cells and therefore to the entire plant. Additions of Liquid Silicon to the nutrient tank will deliver bushier plants with darker foliage.

Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

Growth Technology's Liquid Silicon provides plants with soluble silica which is a naturally occurring substance found in soil, that strengthens and boosts plants in a number of beneficial ways.

Stronger stems, better disease and drought resistance and increased nutrient uptake.


  • Helps build cell walls for stronger stems and roots.
  • Reduces water loss through leaves.
  • Increases nutrient uptake and absorption of Co2.
  • Can be used in any growing medium.
    Can be used in any type of growing system.
  • Can be used as a pH + additive.



Product Data

  • Brand: Growth Technology