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Plagron Pure Zym

Product Code: HYV-0312
Plagron Pure Zym uses natural enzymes to increase nutrient uptake, clean soilless media, and increase aeration in the substrate. 

Plagron Pure Zym 

You won’t want to grow without this multi-functional soil improver. Plagron Pure Zym uses natural enzymes to increase nutrient uptake, clean your soilless media, and increase aeration in the substrate. 

Converts dead plant matter into nutrients

Enzymes are found naturally in soil and are usually byproducts of bacteria and fungi. They’re not alive like those microbes are, but they’re just as useful in performing essential functions for your plants. 

The enzymes in Pure Zym work hard to break down dead plant material in your substrate. They take parts of the soil that your plants can’t use and convert them into available nutrients. 

Suddenly, these are free for your plants to use - and they were there this whole time! Plants will experience a rapid intake of nutrients and grow larger and faster than ever. 

Improves soil aeration 

When the enzymes break down the dead plant material, they leave room for oxygen and water to pass through. This creates a lighter, more airy substrate and allows roots to reach further through. 

Because of this, plants can absorb more oxygen and take in more nutrient solution. You’ll see stronger, healthier growth with exactly the same feed. 

Prevents dangerous salt buildup 

Pure Zym also prevents harmful salts from building up in your substrate. High quantities of these can cause nutrient lockout or even kill your plants. 

Pure Zym provides a spring clean that could potentially save your plants’ lives! 

Wash and go

Pure Zym is also an effective substrate cleaner. If re-using soilless growing media like Plagron Euro Pebbles, soak them in a Pure Zym solution (pH 5.5) for 24 hours before the next use. 

How to use Plagron Pure Zym?

Shake well before use. 

Add 1ml of Pure Zym per litre of water and mix well. Use this solution every time you water throughout the entire cultivation period. 

Use in combination with your preferred base nutrient. 

Pure Zym is not suitable for hydroponic systems. If you use an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use. 

Where to use Plagron Pure Zym?

Pure Zym is suitable for any substrate and any base nutrient. 

Plagron Cocos A&B is a great match for growing in coco. Soil lovers can go for Plagron Terra A&B. 

Why choose Plagron Pure Zym?

  • Stabilised enzyme solution;
  • Converts dead plant matter into available nutrients;
  • Accelerates nutrient absorption;
  • Increases ability to absorb oxygen;
  • Used to clean substrates like Plagron Euro Pebbles.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Plagron

Product Data

  • Brand: Plagron