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Spical Sachets

Product Code: HYV-0356
Spical Sachets are live predators sachets. Hang them on plants as a prevention and cure, the special predators will ensure spider mites are destroyed while keeping plants completely safe.

Spical Sachets

Spical Sachets work by slowly releasing spider mite predators (neoseiulus californicus) over 2 weeks to thwart any oncoming attacks. Just 1-2 sachets per plant every 3-4 weeks are enough. The predators themselves don’t harm the plants – just the mites that would feast on them.

Users don’t need to rip or tear sachets, simply hang them from plants or place them in propagators.


• Virtually eliminate the chance of a spider mite infestation.
• Attach to plants and place in propagators.
• Sachets contain spider mite predators, neoseiulus californicus.
• Predators will not damage plants.
• Destroys various types of mites.
• Just 1 – 2 sachets per plant is enough.
• Use throughout a grow to naturally prevent infestations.
• 100% natural.

Product Data

  • Brand: Koppert