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pH & EC Management

1 20 Results

1 20 Results

pH AND EC Management

The right pH levels impact plants greatly. Even with an adequate amount of nutrients and additives, plants will not be able to absorb these supplements if the environment isnt suitable for their absorption. It is highly influenced by the acidity and alkalinity levels of your soil, growing medium, and feeding systems.

The electrical conductivity of solutions from your fertilizers needs to be ample to know that you are actually feeding your plants the desired strength of hydroponics nutrients. This also ensures that you are not wasting your additives in the wrong solution for your plants.

Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution offers various gadgets and solutions. These gadgets will let you know the acidity and alkalinity level, so you can adjust it to the right level in time. Solutions are also available for increasing or decreasing its value to a more neutral level.

pH Meters

Eden Horticulture gives you the variety of meters that suits your plant environment best. One of the most beginner-friendly products that Eden Horticulture takes pride in is the Grow Gadgets pH-Pro Meter. It is a simple and easy to use electronic device that accurately measures the acidity/alkalinity range of your soil mix.

Grow Gadget Budget pH Meter is also available, which is best for those who need a cost-effective meter for soil and other plant mediums. It is easy to use and can work for up to 700 hours of operation.

Another favorite is the Bluelab pH Pen, which is a two-in-one pen that measures the temperature and the pH levels. It is a pen-type meter, which is fully waterproof even with its backlit display.

Adjust the Acidity and Alkalinity

Level Once you have tested the alkalinity and acidity level, you can either increase or decrease this value with the help of correctors from Eden Horticulture. We have a wide range of solutions that can decrease the acidity and alkalinity levels and they are -

Biobizz pH Minus

Hesi pH Minus Growth

Growth Technology pH Down

If your plants are in a more acidic environment, you can increase the pH level with the right corrector from Eden Horticulture. Products that can increase the pH level safely are:

Biobizz pH + Plus

Hesi pH Plus Growth

Growth Technology pH Up

EC Management Meters

Adjusting the EC level of your plants can be a hard game for those who are new in plant care. The electrical conductivity meter works as its probe detects conductivity in a solution.

Fertilizers often contain ions. When these are placed in your plant solution, its strength can be detected by these EC management meters.

The search for the right EC meter is made easier as Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution offers you a wide range of these meters that will help you come up with the right nutrient strength.

The Aqualine EC Stick is the perfect buddy for those who want to measure the nutrient strength of their hydroponic systems. It automatically turns on and off and is fully waterproof.

The Bluelab Truncheon Meter EC Electrical Conductivity is also a handy instrument that measures the strength of nutrient solutions.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution

We distribute and sell easy-to-use, high-quality, and affordable pH and EC meters to choose from and use. Contact us today!