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Pots, Tanks & Trays

1 2 56 Results

1 2 56 Results

Pots, Tanks, and Trays

Eden Horticulture hydroponics wholesale and distribution is your one-stop shop for affordable, quality, and durable pots, tanks, and trays. Indoor growers and hydroponics enthusiasts can rely on us for all hydroponics supplies they need to set up an indoor garden and have a successful grow.

Root Nurse Fabric Pots are preferred by UK hydroponics hobbyists and indoor growers.

They are environmentally friendly and are suitable for any growing style. They're made from recycled materials, such as fibre and recycled plastic bottles. These pots can help save the environment, while being durable and lightweight. Get them to grow healthy roots and strong plants.

Eden hydroponics distribution also offers premium round pots, which offer excellent drainage for materials and nutrients. They are lightweight but durable, allowing for reuses. They are also high in quality, while being cost-effective. Choose from our wide range of sizes suitable for your needs.

We also offer hydroponics wholesale prices on stealth tanks. These nutrient tanks are easy to assemble. Growers do not need any tool to assemble them. Eden distributes these tanks in a wide range of sizes.

Eden Horticulture also distributes AutoPot FlexiTanks that change water storage. These tanks do not also need any tools for assembly. These tanks are convenient to use and can be stored easily without any hassle when not in use.

In our hydroponics supplies store, you'll also find pot saucers that can catch any runoff from the pots. They're top quality plastic saucers, which are a must-have for growers looking for durable yet affordable items.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution

We're one of the UK's most trusted hydroponics supplies wholesalers and distributors of the best value and high-quality pots, tanks, and trays. We also offer ventilation essentials, grow tents, grow lamps, nutrients, essentials, and harvesting devices, tools, and equipment.

Affordable solutions

We offer growers the most affordable and the best deals on pots, tanks, and trays. Need more info? Contact us to learn more about our hydroponics wholesale prices.

Complete range of hydroponics supplies

Eden hydroponics distribution offers growers with a wide selection of products from the best brands.

High-quality products

We carry the most trusted brands in hydroponics equipment, tools, nutrients, and accessories.

Excellent customer support

Grow with us! Edens top notch customer support ensures your questions and concerns are attended to on time.

Fast delivery and secure online shopping

We ensure your items reach you in a great condition at the soonest possible time. Our website also provides you with a safe platform to shop for everything you need for successful indoor gardening or greenhouse results.

Browse this page for a whole range of pots, tanks, and trays to complete a hydroponics setup.

Need hydroponics advice and recommendation? Reach out to us and our dedicated experts will attend to your concerns as soon as possible.

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