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AutoPot FlexiTank Pro

Product Code: HYV-0401
The FlexiTank Pro’s series features 100, 225, and 400L tanks from AutoPot, which each feature a reflective and light-tight skin that ingeniously camouflages an extremely durable, fully collapsible design within. The hidden tank supports and internal capacity markings add clean edges to the proven, ultra-durable, and practical FlexiTank design.

Ultra-Durable, High-Quality

Size and flexibility

The FlexiTank Pro series tanks with their size and capacities makes them ideal tanks for every level of grower.

High-quality water tank 

The durable hidden supports, anti-tip design, and internal and external capacity markings make this a high-quality and professional-grade tank.

Quick assembly

Featuring a simple and quick assembly design, making this tank ready to go straight out of the box.

Product Data

  • Brand: AutoPot