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AutoPot FlexiTank

Product Code: HYV-0402
The AutoPot FlexiTank range revolutionises water storage. It is everything users need in one compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage, shipping costs, and takes just minutes to assemble. Unlike other water tanks and barrels, the AutoPot FlexiTank series can be stored away when not used, can fit where other tanks cannot go, and is adaptable in ways standard tanks are not. Available in 100L, 225L, 400L, 750L and 1000L

Revolutionary design

The AutoPot FlexiTank range features sizes to suit all needs, from 100L for the home or closed spaces grower and up to 1000L for the commercial size grower. 

Size and flexibility

The FlexiTank range all feature the revolutionary ability being able to collapse down into a small form factor for easy storage, whilst maintaining an amazing capacity.

Quick assembly

All FlexiTanks feature an incredibly simple and quick assembly to allow the user to get going straight out of the box. 

Product Data

  • Brand: AutoPot