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Black Orchid Pro Swirl Air Diffusers

Product Code: HYV-0347
Eliminate hot spots and high humidity zones with the ultimate air diffuser from Black Orchid. Available in a range of sizes.

Black Orchid Pro-Swirl Air Diffuser

Air circulation is a vital factor in achieving optimum environment and therefore greater results.  

Even Air Distribution

The Black Orchid Pro-Swirl can be mounted directly to any fan for optimum air distribution. The aerodynamic design from Black Orchid ensures airflow is evenly distributed throughout the grow room to eliminate hot spots and high humidity zones, creating an ideal atmosphere for plants. 


  • Metal aerodynamic diffuser designed to ensure an even supply of air around the grow room.
  • Mounts directly to the fan for optimum air diffusion.
  • Eliminates hot spots and high humidity zones.
  • The ultimate destratification accessory for grow rooms

Product Data

  • Brand: Black Orchid