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Product Code: HYV-0529
Stagnant, humid micro-climates are stressful for plants. The DiffuseAir pulls air from the top of your grow space and redistributes it over the canopy, maintaining a uniform environment everywhere.


Stagnant, humid micro-climates are stressful for plants. The DiffuseAir pulls air from the top of your grow space and redistributes it over the canopy, maintaining a uniform environment everywhere. Pair with your extraction fan to provide constant circular airflow. 

No more hotspots

The DiffuseAir is both a convenient and plant-conscious solution to hotspots. It attaches to your extraction fan and mixes all the air within the environment. 

Rather than blowing harsh air at one area, it draws warm air from below plant level and brings it upwards above the fan. It then mixes it with the cooler air in your grow space to create one ambient air temperature. The DiffuseAir disperses this milder, CO2-rich air evenly over the plant canopy. 

This ingenious tool blows away potential breeding grounds for mould, mildew, and root rot. Every spot in your grow tent or grow room stays fresh!

Encourages photosynthesis

Standard oscillating fans direct harsh streams of air at the same few patches of plants. This can be stressful to the plants affected and causes them to close their stomata in response. 

This slows down photosynthesis, which is not what you want!

The DiffuseAir is gentle on plants, changing the ambient environment instead of blasting air at specific spots. You’ll see your rates of photosynthesis rise back up, with faster and larger yields. 

Eliminates wind burn

Harsh, targeted air also dries all the moisture out of a plant’s leaves and can cause what is known as “wind burn”. Plants will appear brown and scorched and may die altogether. 

As well as “scorching” plants, the harsh breeze from a fan can also dry out the substrate and lead to a buildup of salt. Roots find it much more difficult to absorb water that’s high in salt - so, even if you’re watering regularly, you’re risking dehydrated plants and rotting, mushy roots. 

Multiple uses

It’s possible to use the DiffuseAir in a few different ways - so you’re really getting value for money! 

As already suggested, you can suspend the DiffuseAir from the ceiling of your grow room to mix the air already present in it. 

You can also attach it to a length of ducting, which will diffuse fresh air from outside. This means that there’s no need for a separate intake fan. 


Burning through fans? Oscillating fans are not generally made to withstand the humid climates and constant running of a grow room - or, at least, not for long. What’s more, they take up valuable space and are prone to some pretty annoying rattling!

The DiffuseAir is a long-wearing alternative to standard oscillating fans. It’s engineered to run in grow room conditions, so it’ll work at its peak through the warmest and longest days. 


The DiffuseAir is ceiling-mounted, allowing it to distribute air in a spotlight shape and reach all areas of a grow space. No more tactics to “bounce” your air - you’ll get gentle, even coverage everywhere. 

Supreme air mover

The DiffuseAir is an air mover rather than an air cooler. It does not lower the temperature of your grow space by default!

However, its guaranteed ability to remove hotspots means that you’ll achieve a consistent ambient climate. Many users report a decrease of up to 4℃ in their warmest areas. 

You can then use your ventilation equipment to reach your perfect temperature: the DiffuseAir will make sure it stays cool and fresh everywhere.  

How to use DiffuseAir?

If using a fan, attach the DiffuseAir to the bottom of your fan using the screws provided. The DiffuseAir is for use with extraction fans such as an RVK - this is not included. 

Next, loosen the screws on your extraction fan and slip over the hanging brackets (included). Re-tighten the screws to secure the hanging brackets in place.

If attaching to ducting, simply secure it in place using an appropriately-sized ducting clamp. 

Hang your appliance from the ceiling using chains or rope ratchets (not included). The bottom of the DiffuseAir should sit just below your grow light line, and the rest of the appliance should sit above it (closer to the ceiling). 

Where to use DiffuseAir?

The DiffuseAir range is suitable for areas between 1mand 2.4m2

You may use multiple DiffuseAirs in larger rooms. With a range between 4” and 10”, you’re sure to find a product that best matches your growing environment. 

Why choose DiffuseAir?

  • High-quality air mover;

  • Eliminates humid zones and hot spots;

  • Provides a more even climate than oscillating fans;

  • Hanging design to optimise space;

  • Multiple uses;

  • Greater control over ambient temperature;

  • Combine with a carbon filter to trap pathogens, odours, insects, and reduce mould spores;

  • For use with extraction fans such as an RVK. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x DiffuseAir;

  • 4 x Hanging Brackets;

  • 4 x Self-Tapping Screws.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: DiffuseAir

Product Data

  • Brand: DiffuseAir