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Mammoth TT Twin Speed Inline Fan Kits

Product Code: HYV-0574
Switch between two different speeds with the press of a button. This premium inline fan kit includes a Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan, Mammoth Carbon Filter, Combi Ducting, and Jubilee Clamps. 

Mammoth TT Twin Speed Inline Fan Kits

Includes the Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan…

The Mammoth TT Twin Speed acts as two fans in one! Plants often need different levels of airflow throughout their lifetime. Choose from two different velocities to suit plants’ needs and keep them at maximum health throughout the entire growth cycle. 

This quiet, powerful inline fan removes stagnant air from a grow space and removes it with the cool, fresh air needed for optimum growth. With a minimum volume of 26dB it’s truly whisper-quiet.  

…the Mammoth Carbon Filter…

The TT perfectly complements the Mammoth Carbon Filter, designed to remove odours and VOCs in an instant. 

Premium RC-48 Australian virgin carbon contains some of the largest pores, meaning it absorbs and destroys the most odour particles. It’s the purest and most efficient type of carbon on the market. 

The largest filter neutralises up to 3250m³/h of stale air and garden smells.  This high-quality carbon filter also comes with an insulating dust sleeve to keep the appliance in perfect condition.   

…and Combi Ducting

The black Combi Ducting in this kit perfectly complements the premium fan and carbon filter. 

It meets all VOC standards and will transport air safely and quietly in and out of a grow space. 

The ducting has a black exterior for a sleek appearance and heat control. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to install. 

What’s included in the Mammoth TT Fan Kits?

Where to use the Mammoth TT Fan Kits?

This kit is perfect for users who want a customisable ventilation system. It’s ideal for use in grow rooms, grow tents, sheds, and any indoor growing spaces which require ventilation or odour removal. 

Why choose the Mammoth TT Fan Kits?

  • Twin speed EC fan kit;
  • TT Fan offers two speed settings;
  • Mammoth Carbon Filter removes odours with market-leading RC-48 carbon;
  • Combi Ducting insulates and transports air;
  • Jubilee Clamps hold equipment securely in place;
  • Maintains optimal plant climates;
  • No need for two separate fans;
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Whisper-quiet operation;
  • Suitable for all indoor growing spaces. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Mammoth
  • Fan Motor Type: EC

Product Data

  • Brand: Mammoth