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Ona Sprays

Product Code: HYV-0015
ONA Spray is a high-quality, long-lasting and reliable odour control. ONA is renowned for producing one of the best odour control products on the market. The odour-neutralising powers of ONA products are known to rank among the best in the hydroponic industry.

Ona Odour Neutralising Spray 250ml

This product comes in a neat, compact form, without sacrificing any of ONA's internationally recognised odour-busting capability.

ONA Spray will comfortably rid surroundings of unwanted smells without leaving behind overpowering fragrances – unlike many other products on the market, which only work to mask smells without eliminating the root cause of the problem.


ONA Spray are long-lasting odour Sprays. if used correctly, the user will get several weeks of continued use out of each block.

Concentrated Formula

The ONA Spray contains a concentrated mass of essential oil-based formula derived from natural, plant-based ingredients. This makes it a sensible choice for the more environmentally conscious out there – a great alternative to the sea of chemically-based options on the market.


  • Reliable odour control.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Concentrated formula.

Product Data

  • Brand: Ona