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Vortex Premium Carbon Filters

Product Code: HYV-0061
Remove grow room odours at their source. The Vortex Premium uses superior RC-412 carbon to trap and neutralise smells before they exit your ducting.

Vortex Premium Carbon Filter

Persistent smells can make your grow room an unpleasant place to be. What’s more, if you’re transporting stale air out through ducting, it could be just as bad outside.

The Vortex Premium sits between your extractor fan and ducting and uses premium RC-412 carbon to neutralise bad odours at their source. 

Instant odour control

Activated carbon is one of the most popular, effective, and easy ways of removing bad smells from the air. 

Each pellet contains thousands of tiny holes called mesopores. As odour molecules pass through the activated carbon, they become trapped in these tiny gaps. Once odour molecules get into these tiny holes, they cannot get out - so once the smell is gone, it’s gone. 

100% Australian RC-412 carbon

There are different types of activated carbon, depending on the material they’re made from and where they’re sourced. The more porous the carbon, the more tiny holes each pellet contains and the faster and more effective odour removal will be. 

The Vortex Premium Carbon Filters use Australian RC-412 carbon, a byproduct of burning coal. This particular type of carbon is selected for its porosity and in turn its impressive ability to get rid of odours.

RC-412 carbon has a pore size of 0.02 micron (1/500 of a millimetre). It’s microscopic, but that’s considered large for carbon pores! 


Averaging half the weight of standard carbon filters, this is the next step for growers wanting to create a professional grow space. Its sleek design fits effortlessly into any ventilation setup and it’s a breeze to install and maintain. 

It’s still just as powerful, working with fans with a flow rate of up to 3520m3/h. 

38mm carbon bed

The thicker the bed, the more airflow can be pulled through the filter. The Vortex Premium’s 38mm carbon bed draws odours in so that they can be removed for good. 

How to use Vortex Premium Carbon Filter?

The Vortex Premium Carbon Filter can keep grow rooms fresh for up to 2 years. 

Of course, we recommend that you open the box and take a look at your product as soon as it arrives! However, to prolong its lifespan, you should only remove the plastic sleeve wrapping once you are ready to use the carbon filter. 

Cover the Vortex Premium with its dust filter (included). Attach the carbon filter to your fan, either directly or with a short length of ducting in between. 

You may then attach the other end of your fan to your ducting to transport the air outdoors. 

Hang your equipment near the top of your grow space using bungee straps, jack chains, or ties. 

Avoid placing the Vortex Premium Carbon Filter in excessively humid areas, as doing so may affect its performance. 

Where to use Vortex Premium Carbon Filter?

The Vortex Premium is an impressive upgrade to any air filtration system! It uses its superior design and RC-412 carbon to remove odours from indoor grow spaces, grow tents, hydroponic grow rooms, sheds, and greenhouses. 

Why choose Vortex Premium Carbon Filter?

  • Uses premium RC-412 Australian virgin activated carbon;

  • Lightweight aluminium casing;

  • 38mm carbon bed;

  • 2-year lifespan.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Vortex

  • Product Material: Aluminium (Body); RC-412 Carbon

  • Bed Depth: 38mm

  • Lifespan: 2 years

Product Data

  • Brand: Vortex