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WindKing Wall Fan 16"

Product Code: HYD-2421
The 16” Wind King wall mounted fan is a 3-speed, easily mountable fan that keeps a moderate breeze moving through your grow room.

The wall mounted fan is used to manage CO2, heat and humidity in your grow room. It helps circulate the air allowing a consistent flow meaning stagnant stops in the room will no longer be an issue. The Wind King's “O” pattern formation offers high-class air movement and coverage to your work environment. It uses only the highest quality gear construction giving you ideal reliability. The “O” pattern has a continuous smooth motion, putting less stress on the internal workings which increase the longevity of the fan.

The 3-speed setting allows you to have full control of the fan in your grow room. The benefits of air movement in your room helps strengthen your plants. When growing outside, they would have wind and environmental factors that encourage them to grow strong deeper roots, the air movement inside can help encourage these effects.

Key Features

• 3-Speed Settings

• Helps circulate air in the grow room

• Wall mounted fan

Product Data

  • Brand: WindKing
  • Height: 45.72
  • Length: 55.88
  • Width: 17.78
  • RRP: £45.00